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Principal Investigator

Dr. Johnson received her undergraduate training in economics from Nottingham University in England, and her Master's in Economics from the University of Houston. She completed a PhD in Health Economics/Health Services Research from the University of Texas Health Science Centre, School of Public Health, in Houston.  Subsequently she worked as Assistant Professor at the Centre for AIDS Intervention Research, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She then went to McMaster University, where she obtained a CIHR Career Award. Dr. Johnson went to Queen's University as Canada Research Chair in Health Policy. She is the former site Director of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) Queen's Health Services Research Facility, and is a Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences.



PHD Student

Educational Background: BA Economics/Biology, University of California, Davis; MSc Health Administration, California State University, Long Beach; MBA, Syracuse University
Supervisor: Ana Johnson
Thesis Advisory Committee:  Bradley Stoner, Colleen Davison
Thesis Title:



Research Coordinator

As our experienced Research Adviser, Sunny Cui is a fundamental part of what makes Johnson Lab such a successful Research Lab. They are truly an invaluable member of our hardworking team.

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MSc, Epidemiology

My thesis is on the quantitative evaluation of the medication adherence project. I will be assessing how an online pharmacy impacts medication adherence and clinical outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes and/or hypertension, who take multiple medications. I will also be assisting with the economic and qualitative components. In addition, I have been involved with the GONA evaluation. In my free time I love to garden. Some other hobbies include volleyball, cooking, and tennis.

IMG_4869 2.HEIC


Undergraduate Life Sciences Student

I am working in Dr. Johnson’s lab and I take interest in public health sciences because of its diversity and applicability to day to day life. In my free time I like to listen to music, play with my dog, and explore new recipes.



Undergraduate Life Sciences Student

I have a passion for public health and hope to pursue a career in health policy and administration. I am currently assisting Dr. Johnson’s lab with the Health Links project. In my free time in enjoy baking and going on walks.



Undergraduate Life Sciences Student

I am currently assisting in Dr. Johnson's lab with various projects. My research interests included public health, economics, as well as resource allocation. Some of my hobbies include reading, listening to music, and baking.

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MSc in Community Health Sciences (at the University of Calgary)

I am an MSc student with an avid interest in all things person-centered care. This has led to my participation in multiple different research projects at Queen's University and the University of Calgary. I received my BSc Honours degree in Life Sciences at Queen’s University in June 2022 under the supervision of Dr. Johnson. Despite moving back to Calgary for graduate school, I continue to work with Dr. Johnson and the Native American Health Centre in Oakland, CA to promote the importance of providing culturally safe health care.

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Undergraduate Life Sciences Student

I am assisting in Dr. Johnson's lab and I am interested in public health studies. I find the effort to study and promote health rewarding. In my free time, I enjoy watching a good documentary, spinning, and spending time with my friends and family. 

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Undergraduate Health Sciences Student

I am presently assisting with numerous projects at Dr. Johnson's lab. Public and global health, resource management, and health policy are a few of my areas of research interest. Some of my hobbies include basketball, soccer, and cooking.

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PhD Culture / Interdisciplinary 

Devon co-leads research on the creative, sensory and physical accessibility of public spaces. Past health research topics include art in acute psychiatric faculties, market scans and materials science.  Devon holds a Masters of Public Administration from the London School of Economics and an MA in Curating from Goldsmiths. Past art, teaching, curating and advocacy projects can be found at: 

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Undergraduate Life Sciences Student

Throughout my undergraduate degree I have developed a passion for public health science and epidemiology. I will be joining Dr. Johnson’s lab for a 499 thesis project to further pursue my interests in health policy. I also enjoy baking, figure skating and working with youth organizations in my free time. 

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Undergraduate Health Sciences Student

I am currently assisting Dr. Johnson’s lab with various projects. My research interests include public health, such as epidemiology and looking at cost-benefit analysis to help determine the best preventative approaches or treatments for different health conditions. I also really like bioethics! Some of my hobbies include swimming, hiking, and travelling. 

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Undergraduate Life Sciences Student

During my time at Queens I have specifically developed a passion for human health, public health, and epidemiology. I am currently working in Dr. Johnson's lab. In my free time I enjoy flying, going to the gym and refereeing hockey.

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Undergraduate Health Sciences Student

I have a passion for public health, assessing health policy with an equity lens, and understanding how the social determinants of health impact the populations health. I am currently assisting Dr. Johnson’s lab with the Health Links project. In my free time I enjoy dancing, spending time with family and friends, and listening to music. 

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Masters in Health Administration

Aspiring health services administrator and researcher looking to leverage AI and big data analytics to improve the delivery of healthcare. Passionate about equitable and universal healthcare for all. 

IMG_3529 - Christopher Russell.jpg


PhD, Epidemiology

Throughout my undergraduate and graduate degrees I have developed a strong interest in the public health sciences. My current research will be focused on the potential economic and mental health benefits of art-related interventions within a prison setting. In my free time I enjoy rock climbing and finding new music to listen to.

IMG_0231 - Elizabeth Beverly.jpg


PhD, Epidemiology

I am researching frailty in relation to patient costs, resource utilization and mortality after cardiac surgery. I'm currently creating a population-level frailty assessment tool that can be applied to large patient datasets. I also aim to ask doctors, patients and hospital administrators how this tool could be useful in the clinic. In my spare time, I enjoy playing softball, singing and laughing with friends.

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